Medical tourism

Resolution No. 186 of 6.03.2013 on approval of the Rules of medical care for foreign citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation

Medical tourism in the Penza region

Basic information about the medical organization

State Autonomous health care institution of the Penza region "Penza dental clinic" is represented by 13 independent offices in all districts of the city of Penza, and also in Kamenka, village kondol', Great Elan, Zolotarivka.

Dental clinic is the leading medical institution of the city of Penza and Penza region.

The polyclinic is equipped with the most modern equipment, tools, medicines and filling materials.

The institution employs about 1,000 employees, including about 400 doctors, 300 people of secondary medical personnel, many of whom are certified for the highest and first qualification categories.

In 2018, the clinic had 494,923 visits, 12,183 operations in the maxillofacial region, 18,199 dentures were made. In addition, 1974 people received orthodontic treatment. Our clinic provides a wide range of diagnostic and treatment activities for all dental profiles.

Types of medical services provided

According to license number LO-58-01-002241 issued on 24.04.2019 by the Ministry of health of the Penza region, the clinic provides specialized dental care in all sections of dentistry:

The algorithm of treatment in a medical organization

The provision of dental care in all departments is carried out both within the framework of the CHI program and on a paid basis.

Rules for recording the initial reception

Contact information

440000, Penza city, Volodarsky's street, 69

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